10 Reasons why the Falcon F7 is Awesome Sauce

Posted on: Tue, 05/15/2018 - 19:30 By: JohnnyRobot
Falcon F7

Born of the perpetual one-upping of European aristocrats, the exotic "Super Car" market has been a difficult target for any new contenders. History and general opinion show that if you you're new, and an American, you already have two strikes against you. So how does American muscle compete with these European glamour machines? What is the perfect style, luxury, and performance ratio? And how do we break the assumption that America doesn't make Super Cars? Like the leaves on an autumn roadway, the standards of the modern Super Car are blown away as America's new contender drives by. On behalf of the American people, I would like to formally submit the Falcon F7 to join the ranks of the Exotic Super Car Elite.


Falcon F7 Haters Beware


It's about to get real.

Here are my qualifications.

First off, I'm a car guy. I have been my entire life. Through the years, I've had the opportunity to a few exotics. In preparation for this article:

  • I've test driven the prototype, beta, and production models of the Falcon F7.
  • In an effort to test the cruising comfort and performance of the F7, I tested both conservative and aggressive driving styles.
  • I visited Falcon Motor Sports on multiple occasions to see the manufacturing process and see what they're up to.
Let's begin, shall we?

10: Incredible Sound!

What good is a stylish super car without an awesome sound to turn some heads? Without a doubt, the Falcon F7 sounds like a high performance machine. When compared to its European competition, I'd have to say that the F7 has a clear advantage. It's been through puberty.
There's some noise pollution from the racetrack nearby, you really hear the F7 about 6 or 7 seconds into the video.

9: Handmade in Detroit by Skilled Craftsmen

Falcon Motor Sports is located just 40 minutes from Detroit Motor City. A city founded by innovative automotive design and the hub of automotive knowledge for the last 100 years.
Falcon F7 supercar handmade by skilled craftsmen
The Falcon F7 is assembled piece by piece by skilled craftsman with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and an unparalleled attention to detail. These guys are passionate about what they do. Their fathers were car guys and their kids will be too. Falcon F7 handmade

8: Stopping Power

While test driving the F7, I must confess... There were a few times when I exceeded the posted speed limit... Yes, yes I know. It's hard to believe. Against my better judgement, I gave in to the vehicle's constant begging "Please, please! Let me show you what I've got! STOMP IT!"
Far in the distance, I saw a Pontiac G6 to my right. He was preparing to make a left turn. Due to the speed at which I was traveling, his judgement was off. He pulled out, not anticipating that I would be approaching so quickly.
Falcon F7 Brakes - Major stopping power. As my foot hit the brake pedal, the controlled deceleration of the Falcon was like nothing I've ever felt before. No skidding, no hesitation. Just a strong, calm deceleration that was better than I could have hoped for. Falcon F7 Rear brakes. But with specs like these, I'm not surprised: Brembo Carbon/ceramic disc brakes, 6 piston 15.5” rotor Front. 4 piston 15” rotor Rear Thank you F7!

7: Exclusive, Unique, and Personal

In addition to being a rare sight on the roadway, each Falcon F7 is built with a personal touch. It's common to see Falcon customers in the assembly area. Poking around, asking questions, and watching with anticipation as their new F7 takes shape.
Falcon F7 Brakes - Signed by builders.

6: Driver Oriented, Leather Interior with Carbon Fiber and Billet Aluminum Accents

The F7 has taken a step in a bold direction with the layout of the interior. Designed to feel like the cockpit of a racing machine, it breaks the mold of the standard dashboard instrument panel by creating a driver encapsulating effect.
Falcon F7 Brakes Interior - Dashboard. The F7's appeal to auto enthusiasts holds true with additional interior details. One example is the throttle body air vents. Falcon F7 Interior - Throttle body air vents. I'm 6'2" and the F7 has more than enough room to accommodate. Due to its low ground clearance, I must admit, getting in and out of the vehicle has it's awkward moments. I see this as a minor, easily overcome obstacle. The Falcon F7 is supposed to be LOW. Which brings me to my next item on the list...

5: Phenomenal Handling

The Falcon F7 handles like you're driving on rails. The high performance Penske push-rod suspension delivers amazing responsive feedback. A few minutes of "seeing what it's got" provides you with a level of driving confidence that's uncommon in these high powered super cars.
Falcon F7 Great Handling Car - Like you're driving on rails.
The car just feels great to drive. It feels like a very well balanced machine. Which brings me to my next point...

4: Mid Engine

Falcon F7 Mid engine top view

3: Light Weight - Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar.

The Falcon F7 was built to be light... Very light. Depending on the variation you choose, the Falcon F7 can weigh anywhere from 2750 - 2900 lbs.
The Falcon F7 has a better power to weight ratio than the Bugatti Veyron.

2: 1100 Horsepower, Twin Turbo, Intercooled Manifold, Lingenfelter Performance Engine or 620HP Naturally Aspirated Performance Engine.

Either way, you can't go wrong.
Twin Turbo Falcon F7 - 1100 Horsepower.

1100HP Twin Turbo V8

The Falcon F7 engine bay.



1: The Falcon F7 is a Beautiful, MEAN Machine

In my opinion, the Falcon F7 looks like a bad-boy version of the modern Super Car. Take the meanest looking Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Corvettes, and Vipers, mix them all together, and then send the resulting car to Chuck Norris Black Ops military training. The result would be the Falcon F7. Falcon F7 speed shot
Beautiful orange Falcon F7
The Falcon F7 Rear - Looks like a Ferrari, Ford GT, and Fighter Jet.
  And it's not just me that thinks so...



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